First Post

I am more mechanical than computer literate, so I expect this blog to have a nuts-and-bolts feel, more than say a fluid or organic one.  In it, I will post the stories that I’ve published in whatever form, unless I’ve sold the rights, with links to the publications or e-zines that picked them up, God bless them.   I encourage any kind of supportive comment, which can include the critical.  Thanks for reading.  I mean that.  Erik

2 comments on “First Post

  1. Hilalry (Rothera) Park says:

    are you parents Kathleen & Rolph Svehaug of Seattle, Washington? If so, I am you cousin from Canada. My parents were William (Bill) & Irene Rothera. My name is Hilary Rothera Park. If you are my email is Hope to hear from you

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